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Conservation Area Cottage Transformation in Kensington

Light-Filled Modern Living

This exceptional project showcases our expertise in sensitively renovating and extending a charming cottage within the Kensington Conservation Area. Our clients sought to create a light-filled, modern living space while respecting the historical context and stringent conservation requirements of this prestigious London neighbourhood.

Project Overview

The scope of this transformation was both challenging and comprehensive:

  • Careful renovation of the existing cottage structure

  • Sympathetic extension to increase living space

  • Creation of an open-plan kitchen and dining area

  • Addition of a master bedroom suite

  • Installation of large glazed elements to maximise natural light

  • Comprehensive update of all building services

  • Landscaping to enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces

Design Approach

Our design strategy focused on harmoniously blending the old with the new. We preserved the cottage's original façade and key architectural features while introducing contemporary elements that complement rather than compete with the existing structure. The extension was designed to be visually distinct yet harmonious, using materials and forms that respect the conservation area's character.

Innovative Features

We incorporated several innovative elements to enhance the property:

  • Frameless glass extensions to create a seamless transition between old and new

  • Bespoke joinery for storage solutions that maximise space efficiency

  • Energy-efficient systems including underfloor heating and smart home technology

  • Carefully designed rooflights to bring natural light into the heart of the home

Challenges and Solutions

Working within a conservation area presented unique challenges, particularly in terms of planning restrictions and design constraints. Our team's extensive experience with heritage properties and close collaboration with local conservation officers ensured that we could achieve our clients' vision while adhering to strict conservation guidelines. We carefully selected materials and finishes that complemented the existing cottage and surrounding area.

Services Provided

For this Kensington conservation area project, we offered a comprehensive range of architectural services:

  • Initial concept design and feasibility study

  • Detailed architectural drawings and 3D visualisations

  • Heritage impact assessment and conservation area analysis

  • Planning application and negotiations with local conservation officers

  • Building regulations compliance

  • Tender documentation and contractor selection

  • Project management and on-site supervision

  • Interior design consultation


The result is a stunning transformation that seamlessly blends historical charm with contemporary living. The cottage now boasts bright, open spaces that flow effortlessly from one to another, while retaining its original character from the street view. This Kensington conservation area cottage transformation stands as a testament to our ability to breathe new life into heritage properties, creating homes that honour their past while embracing modern lifestyles.This project exemplifies our commitment to preserving architectural heritage while delivering innovative, light-filled living spaces that meet the needs of contemporary homeowners in London's most prestigious neighbourhoods.

James Williamson Architects is dedicated to transforming homes with innovative designs that enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Contact us to discuss how we can help modernise your property.

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