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Thistle Grove, Kensington & Chelsea

Extension and modernisation of a central London cottage

Located in a Conservation Area at the heart of Kensington and Chelsea, this delightful terraced cottage with 3 bedrooms faced the challenge of dark and uninspiring living spaces, as well as a lack of connection to the sunny courtyard garden.

To overcome these issues, a pair of modern single-storey extensions were added to the rear of the property. This thoughtful design allowed the kitchen and dining areas to seamlessly connect with the courtyard garden, flooding the back of the home with natural light. Extensive modernisation work was carried out throughout the rest of the house, including a bespoke lighting design and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.

The courtyard garden, now easily accessible from the new living spaces, underwent a contemporary transformation. It features stylish decking, tasteful planters, and shaded seating areas, providing a modern and comfortable outdoor space.

Project Gallery

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