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Our Process

Services: What We Do

For most projects, we would normally group RIBA Stages into three major steps;

  • Stage 0-3 – Design and Planning

  • Stage 4 – Technical Design and Tender Stage

  • Stage 5-7 – Construction and Handover

This makes it possible for us to provide a seamless service at each level, makes fee calculations easier, and enables clients to take on each stage independently based on the risks involved and the available budget.

ryan-ancill drawings

Stage 1: Strategic Definition, Preparation & Brief

In the first phase of your project, we start by understanding your needs, discussing your vision, budget, and timelines. We perform a detailed survey of your property to grasp its current layout accurately. This stage includes assessing different options through feasibility studies to shape a clear project direction. Our goal here is to ensure that the project reflects your desires, focusing on a tailored approach that considers every aspect of your lifestyle and aspirations.


Stage 2: Concept Design

In the Concept Design stage, we bring your vision closer to reality. This phase is where we start creating initial designs, integrating your ideas with our creativity and expertise. We work with specialists to ensure all aspects of your project are considered. Through workshops and meetings, we refine these designs together, making sure they align with your aspirations. This stage also involves exploring innovative solutions and materials, aiming for a blend of sustainability, style, and functionality.

Enscape home

Stage 3: Developed Design

In Stage 3, the project's design is refined and finalised, ensuring it meets both your expectations and necessary regulatory requirements. This phase is essential for obtaining local authority permissions, with the team focusing on incorporating feedback from specialist consultants and planning policy guidelines into the design. Detailed design drawings and 3D visualisations help you visualise the final outcome. This stage also involves managing the planning application process, aiming for a smooth progression to the next steps of making your vision a reality.

detail of the day plan

Stage 4: Technical Design

In Stage 4, Technical Design, the project details are finalised, ensuring everything is ready for construction. This phase involves close attention to ensure the design complies with regulations and reflects your vision accurately. Detailed plans and specifications are prepared for contractor bidding. The team works with you to select the best contractor for the job, setting the foundation for the construction phase. This stage is all about making sure every detail is in place for a smooth transition to building your project.

TG construction

Stage 5: Construction

In Stage 5, Construction, the project moves from planning to physical construction. This phase is focused on ensuring that the building process aligns with the detailed plans, with regular oversight and communication to maintain quality and adherence to the timeline. The architect's role includes overseeing the project's progress, managing the contract, and ensuring that the final product meets your expectations and requirements.


Stage 6 & 7: Handover & In Use

In Stage 6 & 7, Handover & In Use, the focus is on ensuring a smooth transition post-construction and providing ongoing support. This includes addressing any final adjustments and offering advice as you settle into your new space, ensuring it meets your expectations for comfort, functionality, and enjoyment. The architect remains engaged, gathering feedback to enhance future projects and advising on optimising the space's performance and sustainability.

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